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Connecting Anesthesia Professionals with Job Placements Across the Country for Over 30 Years

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Apply for anesthesia positions, locum tenens, or permanent placement positions. Have questions about how we staff? Learn more.

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When you need an anesthesiologist or CRNA, and need locum tenens or permanent placement services, we are your trusted source for anesthesia professionals. Learn more.

Connecting the Best Anesthesia Professionals to Job Placements for Over 30 Years

About Job Placement

At National Anesthesia Services, we’re committed to finding the best placements that fit your schedule and help you achieve your goals.

When you request a placement through National Anesthesia Services, you can count on the highest level of service, including thoughtful matches to facilities, credentialing assistance, and help with housing and travel arrangements.

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About Anesthesia Staffing

At National Anesthesia Services, we offer locum tenens, permanent placement, and locum to perm anesthesia placements that meet your facility’s unique requirements.

When you partner with us, we’ll consider the specific interpersonal and clinical needs of your group or facility to make sure every detail of the placement works for you.

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What Our Clinicians Say

“I have been working with National Anesthesia Services for the past several years. They are definitely my preferred agency. I am totally spoiled by their attention to detail, and I barely lift a finger! I have had great assignments through them, and they are always on top of credentialing, licensing, and certifications. Payroll is easy, accurate and on time. Transportation and lodging are a breeze - well planned with top notch accommodations. They are always available to help with any situation, including hurricanes!”

CRNA, Florida

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client testimonial

What Our Clients Say

“Thank you, National Anesthesia Services! Your locum is a real charm. She is such a hard worker and loved by our staff!”


Practice Manager, South Carolina