SRNA Locum Tenens

SRNA Job Procedures

National Anesthesia Services offers employment opportunities for Nurese Anesthetists who are interested in Locum Tenens jobs or permanent placement jobs. Once registered, you will be eligible to explore the many jobs that our clients have to offer. As a member of our Locum Tenens Jobs Program you will function as an independent contractor. If you are looking for a permanent anesthesia job we will develop a position profile and contact you to discuss opportunities that conform to your needs. As specialists in anesthesia staffing we are uniquely qualified to find the best match for both you and our client. Connect with National Anesthesia Services today!

Register With National

Have initial phone interview with an Account Manager.

Complete application and submit the following documentation:

• Curriculum Vitae/Resume

• Passport Photo

• Copies of all current state licensures

• Copies of all Diplomas

• Copies or current/past Liability Insurance Certificates

• 3 Letters of Reference

• Copies of the front/back of your ACLS, BLS, PALS, and NRP (as applicable)

• TB Test

• NPI Letter

Identify your availability and the geographic area you'd like to be in.

Employment Opportunities:

An Account Manager will contact you with job opportunities. When a suitable assignment has been found and the terms agreed upon, you will be presented to our client.

NOTE: No SRNA is presented to our client without his or her prior authorization.

Acceptance of Assignment:

Upon acceptance by the client, you will begin credentialing and will be sent a contract. Each contract is for a specific assignment and outlines client, location, coverage dates, rate and any other special needs. You are considered an independent contractor while on any locum assignment through National Anesthesia Services. We recommend that you speak with your accountant or financial advisor regarding taxes and other issues related to this status.


National Anesthesia will provide the necessary paperwork to obtain staff privileges at our client's facility and will assist you in all aspects of getting the paperwork completed. It is essential that the completed paperwork be returned in a timely fashion.

Invoice/Time Sheets:

• You must have your invoice signed by an authorized client representative.

Submit a copy of the invoice to National Anesthesia.

The invoice should reflect hours worked plus any reimbursable expenses.

You will be reimbursed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Accuracy on your invoice is extremely important.

SRNA Job Expectations

What a SRNA Can Expect from National Anesthesia Services:

Locum Tenens Services

• National Anesthesia will contact you regarding job opportunities.

• With your approval, your Account Manager will present you to our client.

• When our client accepts you and contract is signed, your Account Manager will assist with the credentialing process.

• National Anesthesia will assist you in making the necessary travel and lodging arrangements for the assignment.

• Your Account Manager will stay in contact with you during your assignment.

• Prior to completion of assignment, your Account Manager will followup with you regarding your next locum tenens job opportunity.

Permanent Placement Services

• An Account Manager will work with you to develop a position profile.

• Using the profile as a guide, National will contact you to discuss opportunities that conform to your needs.

• National Anesthesia will arrange an initial telephone interview.

• National Anesthesia will make arrangements for an in-person interview.

• Your Account Manager will negotiate with the client on your behalf.

Your Role with National Anesthesia:

Locum Tenens Services

• When contacted by an Account Manager, you should indicate your availability and interest in specific locum tenens opportunities.

• If interested, you must hold time for National Anesthesia once you are presented to our client and a decision is made.

• Once you are accepted, you need to honor your commitment by signing the contract and completing the assignment.

• After the contract is signed, you will work with an Account Manager to complete and return credentialing paperwork by assigned deadlines.

• You should contact your Account Manager with any concerns before or during an assignment.

• To receive reimbursement, you need to promptly submit an invoice/time sheet to National Anesthesia

• You can help National Anesthesia provide the best service possible by notifying us of any changes in situation, licensure and availability

Permanent Placement Services

• Identify what type of position, salary and geographic location you are interested in.

• When interview (phone or in-person) arrangements are made, honor your commitment and be prompt.

• Stay in touch with your Account Manager so negotiations can be made with the client on your behalf

• Provide National with a list of hospitals/surgery centers that you have applied to on your own. We will not contact those facilities.

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