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•When Will I Be Able to Do Locum Tenens?

•Can I Do PRN Locum Work on the Side?

•Ready to Make the Connection?

•How Much Does This Cost?

•What Sets National Apart From Other Agencies?

•What Income Can I Expect to Earn?

•Why Do I Need a Medicare Number?

When Will I Be Able To Do Locum Tenens?

It all depends on your comfort level and the client’s needs but we recommend having at least 2 years' full time expirence before trying locums. Even though you have just finished your anesthesia program and are ready to take on a variety of cases, locums must be comfortable to work in a variety of situations, including being solo.  Being a locum is more than just performing anesthesia, and gaining experience in a Permanent position is the best way to prepare for your future in locum tenens.

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Can I Work PRN Locums on the Side?

This is one way to get acclimated with locum tenens.  We have many clients all over the country that can use someone for a few days per week or month and will take a new graduate.  This is an excellent way to earn extra income on your vacation or your post-call day.  When you are set up with your permanent job, one of our Account Managers can help you set up a PRN assignment in your area, and we can cover your malpractice insurance at no cost!

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Why Use National Anesthesia for Permanent Placement?

While you are concentrating on your studies, let National Anesthesia Services concentrate on your job search!  With Account Managers to assist you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, we can help set you up with everything you need to start your first Permanent position. Such as help write your CV, set up an interview, and even assist with relocation information!

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Ready to Make the Connection?

The first step in making the connection into locums is to register with National Anesthesia Services. You will need to complete and return our brief application. In addition to the application, you will need to complete a clinical skills checklist. You will then need to return these items together with clear copies of the following:

• Curriculum Vitae/Resume

• Passport Photo

• Copies of all current state licensures

• Copies of all Diplomas

• Copies or current/past Liability Insurance Certificates

• 3 Letters of Reference

• Copies of the front/back of your ACLS, BLS, PALS, and NRP (as applicable)

• TB Test

• NPI Letter

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How Much Does this Cost?

Absolutely nothing!  There is no cost to our providers for finding them a position.

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What Sets National Anesthesia Apart From Other Agencies?

Two words set us apart: RELATIONSHIPS and INTEGRITY. National Anesthesia truly believes in building relationships. We don't look at our providers as a commodity but rather as family --- we live life with you if you allow us to.

Integrity is the fabric of our existence; National Anesthesia will never lie, cheat or steal from you. If we say we have an opportunity for you, we do! The money we say we will pay you will be paid to you in a timely fashion. If we say we are going to do something for you, we do it! We do not participate in unethical business practices! We do not break our word! We expect the same from you.

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What Income Can I Expect to Earn?

This will depend on many different variables, such as geographic location, whether or not you are a hospital employee (W-2) or an independent contractor (1099), the benefit package, etc.  We can help in the negotiation process with a new employer.

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What is a Medicare Number For?

Now that you are an anesthesia provider, the Medicare cases you provide anesthesia for need to be billed.  Every provider will be required to have an NPI (National Provider Identifier) for Medicare billing purposes, so we recommend getting one right off the bat.  For more information regarding the NPI, please visit the “Helpful Links” section of our website.

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